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Former Carver City detective, Clyde Barryman, now acting as a private investigator, is hired by seven clients accused of bizarre crisscross murders. Distracted by ghosts of his past, Clyde is fooled into what chess players refer to as the ‘Sucker Punch’ trap. Who is the cat? Who is the mouse?

People have an assumption about killers: what a killer looks like, what makes them a killer, and why they kill. Clyde concludes a killer can be a parent, classmate, coworker, friend, family or a stranger. A killer can be a one-time offender or a serial-all that's needed is a reason. The murders Clyde is investigating are so simple they could have been committed by anyone.

And anyone can be hard to catch.   

I love the book my Journey. We sometimes think that just because we know a persons name we know them, not so. My dear friend I did not know about all of your struggles in this life. Some I was shocked to read about other we had once talked about. Thank God you made it. So now I ask you to continue to pray for me as I struggle through my valley. I am pressing my way trying to win the prize. God bless you. Continue to write those books.  CeCe Hardy

Zaire Thompson is inquisitive by nature; born with a strong tenacity to finish what he starts. He is also Care Pastor at a church in Georgia. When he is asked by Hattie Stevenson, a member of the congregation, to probe into the death of her daughter, Zaire accepts the invitation and takes a Care Pastor position at Redemptive Grace in Carver City, North Carolina. Even though the murdered young girl dies suspiciously, her death was ruled accidental. Once settled into his new position, Zaire soon learns that Redemptive Grace feeds on pride, greed, lust, envy, wrath, and sloth, and the southern megachurch has a huge appetite. 

Will Zaire’s clandestine investigation put him on the menu to be the church’s next meal? 

Mention dying and most people will want to change the subject. Say that you are dying and immediately they tell you to stop putting that negativity into the atmosphere. Like not talking about your house burning down is suddenly going to extinguish the blaze. As sure as a baby is born, it will one day die. Nobody gets out of life alive. Having faced a serious medical condition, I bit my upper lip, dug in my heels and prepared to fight, but most importantly, I made peace with the outcome. I prayed incessantly, what fool wouldn’t. I reread as much scripture as I thought Saint Peter would ask me about at the Pearly Gate. I updated my will. Then I began to work on this little book of poems and lyrics to pass the time between now and the hereafter. I don’t plan on dying anytime soon but no one knows the time or place.

I’ve always considered myself a gunslinger. Quick to deal with a challenge. To be unprepared is to have a bad outcome.

 Death take heed, I will stand my ground.  

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