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My Journey Back - 2018

January 12, 2018. Appointment with Dr. Michael Brame, Carolina Urology Partners. Three-month check-up. Extremely disappointed in my weight. Even though I have doubled my Fitbit steps over the past year and eat half as much as I used to, my weight is back up to 412 pounds. I expressed my concerns with Dr. Brame and he took the time to talk with me man to man, on just what I must do. I have to switch to a plant based diet for at least three months to show any significant improvement. 100% of my health issues are diet based.

My Journey Back - 2017

January 3, 2017. Appointment with Dr. Eckenrode at Shelby Surgical Associates. Follow up was great. I am to come back in three months just for a look see. Cleared to do upper body exercises at home. I should be able to go back to work in two weeks. Thank you Father God for the overcoming of another experience I can be a witness to. Dance Above The Clouds, Amen!

January 9, 2017. Doctor Eckenrode said I can return to work on January 30th which is a Monday. Until then I’ll walk on my treadmill, ride my elliptical bike, work out on the Solar Flex and use the weight bench.

My Journey Back - 2016

On June 1, 2016 I stepped on the scales at Shelby Family Practice and the assistant read my weight out to me. Four hundred and fifteen pounds. I wanted to die. Really. Lie down right there in the floor and go see Jesus.

For the past ten years my weight has yo-yoed between three hundred and sixty-five and three hundred and ninety-five pounds. Never had I crossed over into the black hole of no return. But this doctor’s visit would be different because I was seeing my new doctor for the first time. Dr.

Dancing Above The Clouds In Mexico

Lately I’ve gotten so wrapped up in my fear of dying that I overlooked the thrill of living. Sitting here on the beach at Cancun, Mexico watching a young couple parasail over me got my adrenaline racing.

Why can’t I do that?

Jet skis race back and forth in front of me with happy laughing couple’s hell bend on living life to the fullest. Minutes later a monster size yacht glides pass. I’m reminded of the dreams I didn’t pursue, of the imagination I failed to grasp.

Beautiful women still look at me, but the engaging ‘come get this’ smile is no longer there.

Excerpt from my new novel 'Joe Wallace'.

Zaire Thompson sat back in his executive chair and pondered his next sermon. 

Today’s conservative church is made up with hypocrites, charlatans, pedophiles, serpents, and leviathans. Traditional church members strut around like Stepford Wives – idiotic robots spitting mind gurgling repetitious slurs fed to them by their pastors who themselves follow a preset agenda. Radio and television gain huge profit by perpetrating the madness. False articles are planted in the social media to get picked up by dimwits and spread like wildfire.

Grandmama's Tough Love

My first attempt at leaving my parent’s house in August of 1974 didn’t go so well. I was a seventeen year old high school senior and my Uncle Ricky was nineteen. Together we rented a trailer outside of Cherryville. After two months Uncle Ricky bailed out on me and joined the Navy. A month later after having car trouble and having to walk to school and hitch rides to work and back I threw in the towel and returned home.

When I got out of the Navy the first time April 30, 1980 I came home to live with my parents.

Sophie's Secret

On May 22, 1993, Light Oak Baptist Church outside Shelby allowed me to bring to life my first musical (play) entitled ‘Giving Glory to God’. It was a story of a young man who felt terribly confused with his relationship with God after the death of his mother. The skit was loosely based upon my own experience after the sudden death of my mother, Margie Louis Wallace Degree, who passed away in August of ’86. In the production I played the lead character Benjamin, and I sang four original songs. A fifth song that I wrote was performed by Miss Georgia B.


It is my goal that “Vengeance” will inspire grown folk conversation in that it deals with very current political and spiritual issues. The chosen leader is a man of color, Marshall Alexander Davis, a newcomer to politics, he’s intelligent, confident, and very much cares about the concerns of his constituents. Mix in his role as a husband and father, jealousy from his peers, unbridled racism, and a brutal attack to his person, environmental catastrophes, a slow economy, and an overabundance of black birds gathering in and around the city and now you have everyone questioning his ability to lead.

Tears Of A Real Man

It's hard to believe I have written and published eight books. Book eight I call “Tears of a Real Man”. I wanted it to reflect my life over the last three years. The good, the bad, the ooh I can't beleive you wrote about the ugly. Well I did and its out there now for comments. Someone today read the book and compared it to the book of Lamentations in the bible where David wrote in detail a season in his life. 
I stated in my blog why I wrote the song - I have not been in a serious relationship in over three years and I don’t see myself being in one any time soon.

Lone Assumption

My second book. I am really into music and it amazes me how a group or artist can make a hit album and then disappear. Now I know. It can be just as differcult to complete a second work as a first. Maybe harder because now you know the effort facing you. Lone Assumption introduced a fresh set of characters using the same fictional city as a backdrop. I pulled a single scene from the first book and centered the theme around it.
The Pedestal, Lone Assumption, and Where Is God In All This Mess? center around the same theme which is friendship.

The Pedestal

This is the first book I ever wrote and by far the one I put the most effort toward. Talking to new prechers they all want to preach the whole bible the first time out. I had no idea I would write another book so The Pedestal ended up with 800 pages. Being my first book I paid a professional editor. Baby Sinister was included in The Pedestal as a book by Jacob Ross, the novels lead charactor. Another book I never published, Tales I Tell My Children was also pulled from The Pedestal. It took me 14 months to write The Pedestal.

Ain't That Margie's Boy, Boot?

On the days when you look in the mirror and you don't recognize the person you have become you have to ask the question, Ain't that me, what happened that I changed? This work was a project to get back to my roots, mainly in the church with Jesus as my major motiviator. My mama taught me the words to Jesus Loves Me when I was just three years old. I remember very vividly walking around singing it as a child, happy and carefree. This work was a collection of songs anchored in Christ and a couple of them went on to be sung in Restoration Church of Gaffney. Most people are familar with Forever In Your Grace and God Warriors but my favorite song in the book is My Testimony. I Am Victorious and Season of Prosperity are pretty cool also. This book is very inspirational and I am glad I took the effort to complete and publish it.

Baby Sinister

My most prized work. I love BS because it plays by no rules, has no standards, just plain graveyard dirty talk. This book is not out to try to please anyone, take it or leave it, it is what it is. I wrote BS twice, the first time in 1981 when I was aboard the aircraft carrier USS Forrestal CV-59. Over two hundred men perished in a fire aboard the ship during the Vietam War and I used to lay in my bunk and pretend I could see their ghosts reliving that dreadful day. Years later I used it for Jacob Ross, the lead character in The Pedestal as a book he wrote. In 2001 I rewrote the book and updated some things before I releashed it to stand on its own merit. Baby Sinister is in a catagory of its own and I am so proud my name is on the cover.

Where Is God In All This Mess?

I started writing this book in the fall of 1997 while I was sitting in the stands watching my boys at football practice. As my luck would have it, they lost their first game by the score of 24-0. The defensive coach walked off the field halfway through the fourth quarter and quit. He challenged the rest of us parents if we could do better we were welcome to try. Looking around me I saw that it was majority mothers and the few fathers didn't look interested. Having played football as a kid and still loving the game I accepted his challenge and finished out the game.

Square River Circle

After my divorce in 2004 I wanted to capture some of the feelings I was living at the moment but I didn't want the book to be competely morbid so I developed it into a greatest hits of my writings over the years. Not all of the lyrics deal with my ex wife although most people would assoicate it to be so. I have been in love with at least four women in my life. If not love I had strong feelings for and captured my emotions in song. Berica, Pam, Shonda, and Beverly all played their parts equally in this work and I personally love re-reading this book because of its wide spread take on emotions. At the close of the book I have a copyright page where it clearly shows when each work was written but people still tend to direct the entire project to my failed marriage. Who am I to argue, I just wrote the darn thing.

Paperman, Now, Then and Tomorrow

Who better to write about than myself. My life has ricocheted between isolation and adoration. I lost my mother unexpectedly, I was separated from my peers early on, and I overdosed on alcohol. Through all the difficult times I kept a strong, enduring faith. This book is about how I lived out of control before I sought God and thereby molded myself into a selfless role model for my two boys. This is a work of hope, tragedy, and inspiration. After reading Paperman I hope it leaves the reader with a brighter belief in tomorrow.